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The Final Canoe Ride

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Split Soul




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Elke's Magic


Mandy's Dream

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The Final Canoe Ride

 Amazon Review


This is a must read! Fast paced & page turner. I never write reviews, but this book was just so good, I had too! The author connects all aspects to make you feel so interested in the characters in this book. We all know someone who has had breast cancer, this book invites you to really see what they go through and gives you insight into the range of emotions and physical dealings. Not only is breast cancer addressed but also history of the main character’s family and life traumas they dealt with. This story is beautifully written that brings all aspects of life together. Don’t hesitate read this book!


Split Soul

Amazon Review


What a wonderful read. This book is a page turner. After reading Inger Margaret Foster’s first book- The Final Canoe Ride, I could not wait to read the ‘sequel’, Split Soul. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment in this new tale. The author uses the main character’s circumstance to question herself, her life, her choices with a few twists, turns, connections & revelations. I am now a full fledged ‘groupie’ of all Inger’s works. I chomp at the bit waiting for the next book to come out. Cheers!



Facebook Review

         Just finished reading "Circles" and it was wonderful! Having read all 5 of your books starting with "The Final Canoe Ride", I've gotten attached to your recurring characters, especially Meg.  I love the synchronicity of the split souls (circles) and the comfort, hope and magic they bring to all of us that have lost loved ones. Your books beautifully remind us that although human life is finite our spiritual energy lives on forever especially for those with open hearts and minds.

Your writing comes from a place of love, humor, great empathy, fun and your beautiful artistic soul that knows no bounds. I was a bit sad knowing that I was saying goodbye to Meg in this 5th book but I'm also reassured to know that you have many more stories to tell ahead of you. I look forward to reading them!! As an avid reader, I highly recommend Inger's books!

5 stars!!!


~Melissa Dann~

 Elke's Magic

 Amazon Review



This is the third book of the author Inger M. Foster. Although it is a prequel to the other two books, it is a wonderful story on its own. It brings the reader back to the days of high school and young love. It’s the story of two young people, each with their own family secrets, trying to navigate the path of a first love. This story continues the character of Meg Pedersen through the eyes and memories of her early teen years. The story adds in history and fantasy to the reader’s delight. I enjoy the author’s writing style and it’s mix of fact and fiction. She never disappoints. I was always excited for the next chapter. I can’t wait to see what she has next.




Mandy's Dream

Amazon Review

I LOVE all the books by author,

Inger Margaret Foster. Mandy's Dream

is her latest and although there is a connection between the 4 books, they can be read individually without losing anything. Mandy's Dream is a charming, very readable book that is positive and comforting. During these tough times it is such a relief to be able to engage with a book on an emotionally appealing level. It is a heartwarming and uplifting story. I also think it is also suitable for many age groups from teens to adults.

~Lucy Bermingham~




 Inger Margaret Foster


Born in Montreal, Quebec, Inger and her family immigrated to the United States in the early 1960’s. Growing up in the quiet suburban town of Ramsey, New Jersey, she attended Ramsey High School, where she developed her love for both writing and art. As an art major at William Paterson University, she eventually earned her Masters in Visual Arts, with concentrations in English and Education. 


Inger returned to her love of writing after her children headed to college. Essays became short stories, and the short stories eventually evolved into her first novel, The Final Canoe Ride, where the reader first meets Meg, a woman in her late forties who is struggling with an unexpected onset of breast cancer. Through dreams and flashbacks, Meg’s back story is developed, a story that is to be explored again throughout the other novels.


Inger is married and living in Northern Westchester County. She is the mother of three amazing adult children and two wonderful daughters-in-law! Inger and her husband Nick love travel, especially to Europe, Florida and to their little cottage on the Georgian Bay, in Ontario, Canada. 


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